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Tony Park grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney and while his one dream in life was to write a novel he never knew it would come true in Africa. Tony and his wife, Nicola, first visited southern Africa as tourists in 1995 on what was supposed to be a once in a lifetime trip - it turned out to be anything but. On this third trip to Africa he wrote a manuscript about a fictitious tour around southern Africa. The book was accepted by Pan Macmillan and published as ‘Far Horizon’ in 2004.

Tony Park - International Author
Tony served 34 years in the Australian Army reserve, including six months in Afghanistan in 2002 as an Army public affairs officer.

Since then Tony and Nicola have spent half their life in Africa - six months of every year living in the African bush where Tony continues to research and write his books - and the remainder of the year in Sydney. Prior to becoming a full time writer Tony worked as a newspaper reporter, a PR consultant and a freelance writer. He also served 34 years in the Australian Army reserve, including six months in Afghanistan in 2002 as an Army public affairs officer. He is the author of 16 African thriller novels and six biographies. His seventeenth book, ‘Ghosts of the Past’, will be published in August, 2019.

Media Training

While I’m a full time writer these days the only other work I do on the side is media training – teaching other people how to handle questions from journalists.

Over the past 25 years I’ve trained hundreds of people from a wide range of industries and professions. I’ve conducted training in places as diverse as Australia, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Papua New Guinea, Kuwait and Afghanistan. I’m happy to travel anywhere in the world – well, maybe not Afghanistan.

Tony Park - International Author
Here’s me several years ago (when I had more hair) interviewing someone as part of their media training.

My rates are very reasonable and I draw on my own experience, both as a journalist and as the subject of many interviews.

Get in touch at tonyparknews@gmail.com for more information.

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